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This is Melody Fetterly-DuBois, and she is 3 years oldMelody has endured more in her 3 short years than most of us will in a lifetime. When Melo was just 5 months old she was diagnosed with TAPCD (Total Anomalous Pulmonary Venous Drainage). Airlifted late one Thursday night to Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto, she underwent open heart surgery within 24 hours. After 17 days in Sick Kids she came home to Huntsville, Ontario along with her parents, Haily and Alex. For the next 2 years Melody appeared to thrive, and everyone was grateful for the miracle of life given back to her by the wonderful people at Sick Kids. But last September Melo developed an Atrial Flutter as a result of scar tissue from her open heart surgery. With a heart rate of 230 bpm she was again rushed by air ambulance to Sick Kids, where the flutter was diagnosed and treatment began. Using electrical cardioversion to restore her heart rate and rhythm to a normal rate she was prescribed with a powerful drug to keep it under control. After a week in Sick Kids she returned home. However, after only a couple of weeks her atrial flutter returned. Again she had to be rushed to Sick Kids for more treatment, which included more electrical cardioversion  treatment and modifications to the drugs being used to try and control the flutter. Since last September Melo has been rushed to Sick Kids 8 times, and has spent almost 40 days in the Hospital trying to bring her condition under control. Currently she has been at Sick Kids for 8 days, and her flutter is still not under control. Doctors are saying there are more options available, but each procedure is increasingly more complex and dangerous! Melo and Her Family Needs Our Help. Please take a moment to make a donation to Melo’s fund if you can (no donation is too small), and in any event please reblog this so others can help.

Please click HERE to read more and donate. Every little bit of support and every little donation helps. 

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